Crazy Planet Records is an independent, Berlin based, German management and touring company with a global outlook.

Over the past years we have successfully booked tours and provided tour logistics for international bands across 15 countries. Our way of business evolution led us from a pure booking agency to a concurrent strong focus upon artist management. We have specialist experience working with top quality New Zealand bands such as Six60, Sola Rosa, Cornerstone Roots, Hollie Smith and other well-respected musicians, enabling them to move toward success in the European market.

Beside that we have a partnership with publishing heavyweight BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT to offer the range of publishing and licensing to our artists. Our ethos at Crazy Planet is that we must stay open-minded in our approach and maintain our versatility as a company. As our artists grow in the European market we also grow with them and mould our company to their needs. To this end we have skills as a touring company and booker but also with artist management, local promoter, publicity and as a record label.

We have a real passion for the bands that we choose to work with. Because of this we are constantly engaged in artist development which means our view is to look to the long-term; because we truly believe in the futures of bands that we work with.

We are joyful, we are a little bit crazy, and our track record shows that when we take on an artist we succeed with them. Get in touch...

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Artists We've Worked With

- Abby
- Batucada Sound Machine (NZ)
- Broadway Killers (DK)
- Blue King Brown (AUS)
- Funkommunity (NZ)
- Hollie Smith (NZ)
- Idiotape (KR)
- Ira Losco (GER)
- Italian Breakfast (IT)
- Katchafire (NZ)
- La Pegatina (ESP)
- LIA feat. Elen Kaiser (GER)
- Luis Laserpower (GER)
- Mara & the Bushkas (NZ)
- Medial Banana (SK)
- Salmonella Dub (NZ)
- Sola Rosa (NZ)
- Sorceress (NZ)
- Six60 (NZ)
- Skystones (GER)


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October 2016

Autumn is touring time. Graham Candy is touring in October and November through Germany and Western Europe, YIMVTN will play a couple of shows in Germany in November. Check out our Artist section for more details.

July 2016

Oh wow! It is been quite some time since the last monthly update here. Wondering how that happened. A lot of stuff happened in the meantime. Graham Candy released his debut album "Plan A", we have attended a lot of festivals beeing constantly on the road and working on some new projects. Check out the artist section for the latest announcements for shows. Enjoy the summer!

February 2016

Unfortunately all shows of Graham Candy will be postponed to October and November 2016. We're sorry for any inconvience this might cause. Please find the new dates and festival announcements in the artist section.

February 2016

The year is already pretty busy for us preparing the upcoming album of Graham Candy.
Next to this we teamed up with the amazing The Trouble Notes. If you wanna experience some extraordinary instrumental music - visit a show. Just having a guitarist, violinist and Cajon player on stage, these guys will make you move.

January 2016

We hope you all had a great NYE party and a chilled Christmas season with your friends and families. To start the new year, we are more than pleased to announce to brand new artists joining our roster.
You can check out Marcel und Herr Wiesner and The Trouble Notes in our artist section or on their Facebook sites - just click the link.

December 2015

Christmas time is coming and if you still search for a present we have tickets for the Graham Candy March tour for you. Just check the artist section for more details.

October 2015

It's getting colder again in Germany so this means perfect weather for some concerts. Our man Graham Candy is playing 24th October in the Lido/ Berlin.
Also we are bringing a new country to our internal map. We are extremly satisfied that South African Electro artist GoodLuck is joining our roster. You can find out more in the artist section or check out their video Taking it Easy. We'll look forward to have them hear next year for some summer shows.

September 2015

It's been a while since we have updated this section. But we have a very good excuse - we were busy like hell!
We want to welcome our latest signing YIMVTN. Based in Switzerland this artist stands for tastefull Indie music. We like a lot!
Also check out the latest anouncements in our show section - Graham Candy will play a few exclusive shows in Germany in October.

April 2015

Spring is back in Berlin and we have to announce a couple of things. Graham Candy released his first EP called "Holding up Balloons". The video for the single you can find here.
We're welcoming Campbell to the family. We will work with him for his publishing in the future.

February 2015

Big things ahead! We have signed a cooperation for booking in GSA with Brighton based band TIME FOR T. Give them a listen if you like. It's worthy. Also they'll be around in April in Germany. More news soon!

January 2015

A belated happy new year to everyone! The team is back from their vacation and we are starting slowly into the new year. Big things ahead and we are excited to update you soonish.

December 2014

It's getting more quite now. Everbody is preparing himself for the Christmas holidays and half the staff is leaving the country or going to vacation. We'd like to say thank you for an amazing year and wish all of our artists, friends, partners and people who have support us during the last year a merry Christmas and a happy new year. May 2015 the best year for you all.

November 2014

We welcome a new band to our roster - Klischée from Switzerland! If you are into Elektro Swing you should definitely check them out. Beside being happy about our latest cooperation we are busy with the preparations for the next festival season.

October 2014

This were some crazy weeks. Abby played successful the Ulsan World Music Festival, the tour of The Eastern ended after a couple of month touring throughout Europe and we signed Berlin based DJ MATZINGHA to our company.

September 2014

And we are back in the game after a beautiful summer. Germany watch out for the Broadway Killers tour with Three Chord Society in November. Also we are very proud to announce that the boys from Abby will play two shows in South Korea at the Ulsan World Music Festival in beginning of October!

August 2014

What do you do in August? Vacation? Attending festivals? Chilling in the sun? Well, we did all of that and it was amazing.

July 2014

We have spent quite some time away to attend festivals and enjoying the German summer. The tour of The Eastern has started and will see 20 dates in Germany and Switzerland until the end of September. Also there were some more dates added to the tour of Cornerstone Roots so make sure you'll catch them on one of the big European festivals.

March to now 2014

Sorry, we have been quiet for quite a while. Too much was going on. We booked some killer shows for our artists (please see the artist page for more information) including the well-respected Glastonbury Festival in UK, Sziget Festival in Hungary and Colours of Ostrava in Czech Republic. Our artist Graham Candy released two Features already entered the German single and radio charts with Top Ten positions, Kreuz Ost released a new single called "Straßenkrieger" and we have found a new office space. From now on we will update you again monthly. Promise!

February 2014

And still busy with booking, booking, booking.

January 2014

Booking, booking, booking.

December 2013

...saw us taking some time off and get some well deserved vacation for the whole team. Now we are back in the game. We are looking forward to an exciting year.

November 2013

And our last signing in 2013 is finally done! If you like electronic indie rock you should definitely check out EAU ROUGE from Germany. Beside that we are preparing the festival season for 2014 and hope to present you some nice Kiwi highlights in the European festival circuit.

October 2013

The last month saw our first edition of our showcase event "SounDing" which we realised in cooperation with Visionary Collective in Berlin. We had a fun evening and soon there will be a follow up edition.
Also we released the debut album "Schönes anderes Leben" of Kreuz Ost which you can get on iTunes and every digital store.

Click here to launch the Base FM player

September 2013

And we continue the work on our roster. We are proud that The Eastern are joining our company. Who likes a good old folk music combined with a modern appeal should give them a listen and a like.
October will be busy for us with an album release, our first show case in Berlin, travelling around the world and preparing the last shows for this year. So watch out for some news later this month.

August 2013

We like to welcome a new artist Graham Candy who has joined the Crazy Planet family. We are happy that we are undertaking from now on the management for Graham.
Furthermore we are working from now on with the Berlin based band Charity Children who are originally from New Zealand. With BMG Rights Management our partner for publishing we will care for the band in this business field.

June 2013

Getting ready for a busy July and the start of the summer touring season. We'd like to welcome Graham Candy to Berlin; he's a very exciting young artist. More on this soon. Watch this space!

July 2013

We've been getting re-acquainted with our old buddies from NZ; Sola Rosa; and we're very happy to be booking shows for their November European Tour. Check them out here: Sola Rosa Facebook

June 2013

Getting ready for a busy July and the start of the summer touring season. We'd like to welcome Graham Candy to Berlin; he's a very exciting young artist. More on this soon. Watch this space!

May 2013

We're proud to have leant a hand to our friends at Delicious Tunes with a few shows for Batucada Sound Machine's upcoming European tour. Full dates can be found here: - 19.07.13: Wasserwerk, Loerrach - 09.08.13: Hiesige und Dosige Festival, Wieselburg - 10.08.13: Weinturm Open Air, Bad Windsheim

April 2013

Firstly, a big warm welcome to Italian Breakfast who are the latest group to join the Crazy Planet family. Secondly; we'd like to congratulate Broadway Killers on reaching 120% (not just 100!) on their Sellaband funding of their upcoming music video; and thus winning the Gibson Guitars competition. Great work guys!

March 2013

Kreuz Ost are hard at work on their debut album. Very exciting stuff, we sure can't wait to hear it!

February 2013

Very excited for our friends this month! Broadway Killers are recording a new album, Mara Simpson is touring down in New Zealand and Kreuz Ost are planning a special Geburtstag show at Mikz in Berlin. Awesomeness! Think we'll announce a new band soon too!

January 2013

Another crazy month for Crazy Planet as we're all spread out around the world again! Trying to fight off the winter blues but knowing that sunshine is just around the corner. Bookings are going strong and big things are around the corner. We'll tell you more soon.

December 2012

This month saw us land a few crucial bookings for our bands, but, maybe most importantly, it meant some holiday time for all of us! We're all looking forward to getting back in the new year with some very exciting things coming up for us this year!

November 2012

November is a month with one focus for our company: bookings bookings bookings! So we are hard at work putting together shows on the European festival circuit for our diverse group of artists. We have recently also added "Urban Rumba" superstars La Pegatina from Spain as a non-exclusive addition to our roster. Our CEO, Matthias Mueller, has also been spotted sunning it up in New Zealand & Australia (avoiding the northern winter). More news on this soon.

October 2012

This month has been a big one for Crazy Planet. With the signing of new acts Broadway Killers and Mara Simpson to the Crazy Planet roster and the launching of this brand spanking new website. Work is also underway for the festival season 2013 for all of our artists. Exciting times ahead!

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