Kreuz Ost

Everything is floating: in a metropolis like Berlin changes are normal. Building up, tearing down, upgrading and downgrading. A pulsing organism that reinvents itself every day, that is fragile and able to devour itself in every moment and collapse back upon itself. A state of permanent excessive demand - amongst sparkling pearls and dumpsters. These are the extremes the band Kreuz Ost is working with in their music: sometimes tender, soft summery electro pop beats for breakfasts on a balcony and walks in the park, sometimes demanding energetic club beats for party nights and Doener breakfast in the dawn.
Over the electronic sound from band members Simon and Ralph the sensual and weightless voice of singer Polly is hovering, revealing her thoughts on the big city. A honest subjective view which doesn't want to see only the good things on purpose but that which is really close to the things affecting the people and leaving them helpless. The big issues in life, the noises in the head she is answering in the little things - Should I write a note or stay for breakfast - Kreuz Ost is the soundtrack for a city which can't decide or even want to.
A few minutes downtime from the big city life to have a break; for closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and floating away on the electro beats; blinking in the sun.



Berlin, Germany

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What’s left to be said:
The band are currently writing their first full length album which is highly anticipated by their fans. They were also honoured by landing the first track on the compilation for the music trade fair "Berlin Music Week" and supported by the clothing company BENCH. There will be a lot more great things coming along in the next months.
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