The Eastern

The Eastern are a string band that roars like a punk band, that swings like a gospel band, that drinks like a country band, that works like a bar band, that hopes like folk singers, and sings love songs like union songs, and writes union songs like love songs, and wants to slow dance and stand on tables, all at the same time. Whetherroaring as their big six piece string band or swinging the loud lonesome sound as a two piece and averaging over 200 shows a year, The Eastern can hold it down in all settings for all comers. Constantly on tour the eastern have played in every nook and corner of the good isles of New Zealand, and have broken strings and dented floors in parts beyond. From Papanui to Portland, Shirley to Sydney they’ve seen more than their share of barrooms and street corners, but treat any opportunity to hold it down and play as a gift and one they’d be fools to waste. They play like they mean it, like its all they know how do…because they do and it is.Over the past six years having delivered up three albums (‘The Eastern, ‘Arrows’ and ‘Hope & Wire’), three e.p.’s and near on 1000 shows, The Eastern have garnered a reputation as NZ’s hardest working band. They gather converts and friends wherever they or their records land.Due to start recording their third album in February 2011 plans were waylaid by the Christchurch earthquake, instead they gathered up friends and singers alike in their home town of Lyttelton (Christchurch’s port) and began work on the charity record ‘The Harbour Union’, the album debuted in the top 20 of the NZ Chart, was nominated for New Zealand country music album of the year and has proved to be a wonderful vehicle through which The Eastern and their friends can trade music for donations to the Christchurch earthquake fund. Last march saw the release across New Zealand and Australia of their third and most realised record yet ‘Hope and Wire’… a double album rolling out at a single album price its loaded with stories, heart and harmony as well as the grand barroom philosophizing and old time fury the band are known for. Hope and Wire debuted at number 11 on the national charts and maintained a top ten position in the NZ artist charts for the two months following as well as gathering incredible reviews across NZ and beyond. The song ‘State Houses By The River’ from Hope and Wire became a final five nominee in the APRA Silver Scroll NZ song of the year award and the albums title song became the inspiration for Gaylene Preston’s new six part television drama series ‘Hope and Wire’ due for screening in NZ late 2013. ‘Hope and Wire’ was nominated for country album of the year as well as the song being nominated for country song of the year, not bad for a band of chancers and misfits.



New Zealand

June - September 2014

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The Letting Go
Winter Kill (acoustic)

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The hardest touring New Zealand band is coming over in 2014 with a new record in their bags.
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